14 Festive & Top-Rated Christmas Tree Farms in Virginia

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect tree for your family this holiday season? These are some of the top-rated Christmas tree farms in Virginia, including ones where you’ll find festive activities (and more)!

These Virginia Christmas tree farms are diverse—some are more affordable than others, some have community initiatives, and some offer year-round fun depending on what the farm has to offer.

Christmas tree farms in Virginia
Christmas tree farms in Virginia

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Christmas Tree Farms in Virginia

1. Valley Star Farm

Address: 1104 Springfield Rd, Luray, VA 22835

Pick up a gorgeous locally grown Christmas tree at Valley Star Farm, located in Luray!

The farm offers various trees such as White pine, Norway spruce, Colorado Blue spruce, Canaan fir, Concolor fir, and Fraser fir.

You can choose and cut or pre-cut trees from this lovely family farm. After finding the perfect tree, take a look at the holiday decorations the farm offers, from beautiful wreaths to centerpieces and more.

Most of the choose and cut trees cost $57 excluding sales tax; trees under 6 feet are $10/ft, and pre-cut trees are individually priced. They also offer tree shaking and wrapping at no extra cost.

2. Chilly Hollow Christmas Tree Farm 

Address: 345 Chilly Hollow Rd, Berryville, VA 22611

NOTE: For the 2023 season, Chilly Hollow will not be selling Christmas trees as they need one more year to grow. You can still visit the farm to purchase jams, syrups, pickles, and pine wreaths!

Chilly Hollow Christmas Tree Farm is a family-owned business where you’ll have the option to choose and cut or let them cut the tree you desire for you.

Some of the varieties grown on the farm are Norway spruce, Blue spruce, Scotch pines, and White pines. Prices of the trees can vary based on species, from $30 to $70.

After choosing the tree, round off your day by buying raspberry jelly and syrup, real maple syrup, and jalapeno pickles made on the farm. 

3. Reed Island Farm Christmas Trees 

Address: 715 Peacock Dr, Hillsville, VA 24343

Choose and cut your own Fraser fir or Canaan fir in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. You have the choice to walk the fields or jump on the hayride to explore the farm further.

In addition to finding trees at Reed Island Farm Christmas Trees, you and your family can enjoy a picnic along the scenic Little Reed Island Creek.

While your tree gets shaken and baled, visit their Christmas shop and browse through handmade gifts and ornaments.

The couple who owns the farm also makes homemade wreaths, which you can choose to pick up right from the farm or ship to your house.

Virginia Christmas tree farms
Virginia Christmas tree farms

4. Middleburg Christmas Tree Farm 

Location: 20555 Unison Rd, Round Hill, VA 20141

Known as the oldest and largest Christmas tree farm in Loudoun County, the Middleburg Christmas Tree Farm is the perfect place to search for your tree.

Choose and cut the perfect tree at this farm that grows Norway spruce and Concolor fir, also known as White fir.

The farm provides you with saws to cut the trees and tree carts to carry them from the fields. Prices of the trees depend on the size, but trees up to 16 feet cost $150.

After successfully finding the perfect tree, enjoy a scenic picnic lunch with your loved ones.

They open on November 25, 2023, and note that they accept cash only.

​​5. Hartland Farm 

Address: 3205 Hartland Ln, Markham, VA 22643

Hartland Farm and Orchard offers Fraser fir, Douglas fir, Blue spruce, White pine, Canaan fir, and Leyland cypress, which you can choose and cut from. The farm provides saws, shaking, wrapping, and tie-down assistance free of charge.

Along with your lovely tree, you’ll get complimentary hot chocolate on weekends, which goes hand in hand with the atmosphere.

The farm also has wreaths, decorated and undecorated, made on-site, and available for everyone to purchase.

The wreaths are available on a 12-inch ring, which makes a 24-inch wreath; however, you can contact them beforehand if you need other sizes.

All cut-your-own trees are $60, and you can pay with cash or card.

6. Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm

Address: Evergreen, VA

The Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm is a traditional farm all about the lovely Norway spruce and White pine trees.

The farm offers approximately 4,000 trees in several stages of growth from which you can choose. If you want to choose and cut your own tree, saws are provided by the farm.

Otherwise, your tree of choice will be cut down for you. You can visit the farm on weekends to select and tag a tree and cut it when desired from the beginning of November.

If you want to visit the magical farm any other day of the week, call (434) 610-4540 to make an appointment.

Best Christmas tree farms in VA
Best Christmas tree farms in VA

7. Anne & Eddie Blevins’ Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 30862 Jeb Stuart Hwy, Damascus, VA 24236

Anne & Eddie Blevins Christmas Tree Farm grows a beautiful variety of Fraser fir trees from 5 feet to 12 feet. If you want to get the whole experience, you can choose and cut the trees on your own.

If not, then you can pick from trees ready to go. After finding the perfect tree, choose a gorgeous wreath made on-site, available in all shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget to try their delectable apple butter and applesauce made freshly from the apples from the farm. The farm promises fun for all the family.

8. Greenbrier Farms Nursery

Address: 225 Sign Pine Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322

At Greenbrier Farms Nursery, you can find the perfect variety of pre-cut Fraser fir trees from which you can choose, plus a limited selection of cut-your-own trees.

The farm will also offer earth-friendly plantable trees for purchase from this year on, such as Leland cypress, Eastern Red cedar, Deodar cedar, and White pine.

After choosing a tree, celebrate the farm’s annual event of hosting Santa. The event has limited tickets, so if you want to have fun with your family, hurry up!

Holiday songs, a souvenir ornament craft station, Christmas stories, cookie decorating, and all the fun stuff will be available to enjoy at Santa’s Workshop.

9. Boys’ Home Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 1118 Bear Wallow Flat Rd, West Augusta, VA 24485


If you are searching for the perfect Christmas tree and at the same time want to support an organization financially, then Boys Home Christmas Tree Farm is the place to head.

The farm helps young boys become responsible and productive members of society.

You can find the perfect tree from the variety available. Trees can be chosen and cut by you, or if you need assistance, the boys are always ready to help. They can also cut and deliver the trees wholesale if required.

VA xmas tree farms
Top-rated Tree Farms in VA

10. Belmont Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 7533 Belmont Rd, Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22551

At the Belmont Christmas Tree Farm, you’ll find so many magical trees, and you won’t know which one to take home with you.

It is an old-school type of farm where you can enjoy one of the most memorable family traditions. The farm offers numerous trees, including the famous Fraser firs.

The trees can be sold pre-cut, but if you want to do everything on your own for a more memorable experience, you can cut your own. Another plus is that wreaths are also sold on the farm.

After finding the tree your heart desires, head to Santa’s Workshop, where you’ll enjoy a small lunch and hot cocoa while chatting with Santa.

Don’t forget your cameras since the farm is full of adorable picture opportunities!

11. Moose Apple Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 2425 Wickliffe Rd, Berryville, VA 22611

Visit Moose Apple Christmas Tree Farm, a 33-acre farm with seven varieties of trees such as Blue Ice, White pines, Fraser firs, and other spruces and firs. All varieties are $120 if you pre-tag them.

You can also pre-order a pre-cut Fraser from southern Virginia, priced between $110-$370, depending on size.

If you are interested in getting a tree from this farm, you need to visit it in October or the beginning of November to pre-tag the trees, after which you choose a date to cut and take it home.

12. Joe’s Trees 

Address: 5110 Cumberland Gap Rd, Newport, VA 24128

If you crave the actual choose and cut experience, then heading to Joe’s Trees is the right choice! They offer trees in nine varieties and sizes. After choosing a tree, you can move on to the traditional wreaths available on-site.

The farm also presents custom greeneries unique to your houses, from mantelpieces to tabletops and swags. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop for some pre-wrapped gifts, holiday home decor, canned goods, and many beautiful ornaments.

In early December, Santa tends to visit Joe’s Trees as well, so if you’re lucky enough, you’ll meet him!

VA Christmas tree farms
How to find the perfect tree in VA

13. Hamill Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 3121 King St NE, Roanoke, VA 24012

At Hamill Christmas Tree Farm, you’ll find the perfect White pines, Virginia pines, Fraser firs, and Norway spruces. The farm offers pre-cut trees as well as choose and cut trees; depending on which type you choose, prices vary.

Prices vary and start at $25, depending on the type and size of the tree.

It’s a place where you’ll indeed find the special tree that you wish for. This is one of the best places to visit in Roanoke if you are looking for a little holiday spirit!

14. York Ridge Nursery 

Address: 548 York Ridge Rd, Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363

York Ridge Nursery has offered the lovely Fraser firs, ball, and burlapped trees for over 25 years. The farm offers trees ranging from 3 feet to 16 feet long, so you’ll definitely find a special one for your house.

You have to choose and cut the trees on your own, so get ready to have the whole experience there. The farm also offers wholesale trees that you can pick up or have delivered to you.

After selecting the ideal tree, have a look at the wreaths and garland offered on the property as well.

To make the special family tradition more unique, the farm offers over a century-old log cabin for rent where you can stay and choose your next Christmas tree.

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