8 Delicious Cafes and Coffee Shops in Norfolk, VA (+ Map!)

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Looking for the best coffee shops in Norfolk, VA to get that cup of morning fuel? This guide showcases some of my favorite cafes in Norfolk, Virginia for those looking for some of the city’s tastiest coffee.

These Norfolk coffee shops are spread out throughout the city, and while some suit my taste better than others, they all have something to offer and deserve a visit.

At the end of the guide, I have included a map showing where to find each Norfolk cafe, as well as the ones that are on my list to try the next time I visit my sister in the city.

Coffee shops in Norfolk, VA - let me know your favorites!
Coffee shops in Norfolk, VA – let me know your favorites!

I have been a huge coffee enthusiast for years and even used to be a barista (in Oslo, Norway), so I tend to order espresso-based drinks without sugar or syrups.

A lot of the places I listed for coffee in Norfolk do include signature drinks that include syrups, but I don’t tend to order those off the menu, and this guide is based more on the espresso drinks I had there (or just the atmosphere).

Did I miss your favorite coffee houses in Norfolk, VA? Let me know in the comments so I can stop by!

Best Coffee Shops in Norfolk, Virginia

1. Vessel Craft Coffee

Neighborhood: Chelsea/West Ghent
Address: 1229 W. Olney Road
Website: https://www.vesselcraftcoffee.com/

I am going to start this guide off with my absolute favorite coffee shop in Norfolk, Vessel Craft Coffee.

Last summer, I was wandering around Norfolk and wanted to check out a brewery and an area of the city that was not Freemason (where my sister lives). I saw Chelsea on a map and decided to walk there, even though I knew it would be a journey.

Vessel Craft Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Norfolk, VA!
Vessel Craft Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Norfolk, VA!

When I arrived, I found Vessel Craft Coffee. I didn’t even know it existed, and it seemed as though it was relatively new (or had opened up after a stint at Selden Market).

Vessel is woman-owned, and Sarah Beth Cowherd’s love for coffee was ignited after visiting a coffee farm in Nicaragua.

Vessel Craft Coffee
Vessel Craft Coffee
Coffee beans at Vessel
Coffee beans at Vessel

The coffee was exceptional, and the space the cafe was in was so cool and unique to anything else I had been to in Norfolk. In addition, Vessel ensures they ethically source coffee and give 10% of their profits to community-based projects.

They are open daily until 3pm and also serve breakfast and lunch, as well as bags of freshly roasted coffee.

2. Cure Coffeehouse

Neighborhood: Freemason
Address: 503 Botetourt Street
Website: https://www.curecoffeehouse.com/norfolk

Cure Coffeehouse actually has a couple of locations serving the Hampton Roads area, but I have only been to their Norfolk location in the Freemason district.

This coffee shop has so much to offer and stays open later than most coffee shops in Norfolk. It is also one of the coziest spots in the city, making it a great visit during the winter!

Inside Cure Coffeehouse
Inside Cure Coffeehouse – one of the most popular Norfolk cafes

Founded in 2011, Cure Coffeehouse in Norfolk is located in a historic area with cobblestone streets.

They have a variety of coffee and loose-leaf teas that will suit all visitors. I had a flat white here, and while it was not a menu item, it was well prepared and tasted delicious!

A flat white at Cure Coffeehouse
A flat white at Cure Coffeehouse

While many coffee shops close in the afternoon in Norfolk, Cure converts into a wine and craft beer establishment in the evenings! It is a great place to visit for those spending a weekend in Norfolk and wanting to explore both the coffee AND beer/wine/cocktail scene!

They also have a solid cocktail program and food served all day.

🧀 PRO TIP: While Cure has plenty of great food, be sure to grab something to take home at the Virginia Cheese Company next door to cure – it has local goat cheese many months of the year!

Be sure to check out the walls inside the cafe, as they are a gallery filled with local artists’ works. Cure Coffeehouse stays open until 8pm daily.

3. Three Ships Coffee Roasters

Neighborhood: Freemason/Downtown
Address: 400 Granby Street
Website: https://threeshipscoffee.com/

I have been going to Three Ships for years but at the Virginia Beach 19th Street location.

So, I was stoked to find out my sister had a branch of Three Ships Coffee Roasters within walking distance of her place in Norfolk, and I made it a point to check it out right away.

I ordered a flat white, and it was made to perfection from their own beans. I went back many times throughout my stay at that time, and as it was so close, I had no excuse not to.

A 2022 coffee at Three Ships
A 2022 coffee at Three Ships

Three Ships Coffee’s style is inspired by Scandinavian roasters and the way the PNW enjoys coffee. As someone who was previously a barista in Oslo, Norway, Three Ships was right up my alley!

I have to admit that I went there two times in November 2023, and the quality has gone down ever so slightly. The barista who served my coffee didn’t seem to know what he was doing on both occasions, and the coffee was not palatable.

Take away coffee beans at Three Ships
Take away coffee beans at Three Ships

I have a feeling his time at Three Ships will be short-lived, so I will happily return there when I am back in Norfolk to give it another shot.

I am putting it on this list because I have had such exceptional experiences at the VB location as well as the Norfolk location every time up until my most recent trip.

Three Ships Coffee Roasters Norfolk is open until 4pm daily.

4. Kobros Coffee

Neighborhood: Ghent
Address: 419 W. 21st Street
Website: https://www.kobroscoffee.com/

Kobros Coffee was a Norfolk cafe that I discovered on my latest trip, and I am 100% sure I will make it back there when I return.

Located in the beautiful Ghent area of the city, Kobros was founded by Sean and Erik, twin brothers who grew up in Florida before spending time in the military.

Inside Kobros Coffee
Inside Kobros Coffee

While Sean got to experience living on the West Coast, Erik got to spend his time in Norfolk, VA.

The brothers have enjoyed coffee around the world, from Japan to Australia, and trust me, this is easily one of the best coffee shops in Norfolk (if not the very best).

Kobros has some of the best coffee in Norfolk!
Kobros has some of the best coffee in Norfolk!

The cafe is small and has a long table in the center as well as some window seating. What I loved most about the cafe was that when I walked in, it seemed to attract the most diverse group of people of all ages.

I think that says something so major about Kobros and how they treat their customers.

They are open until 3pm daily, except on Sundays, when they close at 2pm. 

5. aLatte Cafe

Neighborhood: Freemason/Downtown
Address: 321 Granby Street
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aLatteCafe/

While I tend to gravitate toward minimalistic, Scandinavian-style coffee shops, sometimes I just love a cozy place with a colorful aesthetic and an inviting atmosphere. That is aLatte Cafe.

Located on Granby Street, aLatte Cafe is massive. You walk in and you see couches near the front and an array of customers from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Inside aLatte Cafe
Inside aLatte Cafe

They have a variety of coffee options, as well as one of the best bagels in all of Norfolk! They also have delicious sandwiches and lemonades made in-house.

If you’re looking for a place that can entertain your whole group or just you, aLatte Cafe is a good choice!

Coffee at aLatte
Coffee at aLatte

aLatte Cafe is open daily until 5:30pm except on Saturdays when it closes at 3pm. It is closed on Sundays.

6. Equinox Coffee Co.

Neighborhood: Ghent
Address: 2800 Colley Avenue
Website: https://www.equinoxcoffeeco.com/

Located in Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood, Equinox Coffee Co. is one of the best cafes in the city, offering a variety of options on their menu to satisfy all tastes!

Founded in 2017, they focus on combining their passion for coffee with their passion to build the local community.

You can find everything from a Golden Sun Latte (turmeric, cinnamon, and cardamom) to a Blossom Latte with rose and vanilla. And, of course, coffee lovers will also find standard espresso options.

Equinox is open until 3pm daily except on weekends, when it stays open until 4pm.

7. Neptune’s Fury Coffee Co.

Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 999 Waterside Drive
Website: https://www.neptunesfury.com/

I have to admit, I would never have found Neptune’s Fury if I hadn’t scoured Google Maps to see if I had missed any coffee shops within walking distance of my stay.

When I came across it and saw that it had pretty much perfect ratings, I knew I had to make it a point to get there the next morning.

A dreary day outside of Neptune's Fury
A dreary day outside of Neptune’s Fury

Walking along the river, I made my way there and was definitely not expecting to see this Norfolk coffee shop inside a high-rise office building, but it was.

I immediately made my way inside and was so surprised to find one of the best coffee shops I had ever been inside in the Hampton Roads area.

Neptune’s Fury started as a hobby in a Virginia Beach garage in 2018 and has become something far greater!

Coffee at Neptune's Fury in Norfolk
Coffee at Neptune’s Fury in Norfolk

It is also located in an area that doesn’t really have any other good coffee close by, which makes it such an essential stop when you’re at Waterside (or nearby).

I ordered a cortado, and the barista was skilled, and the coffee was delicious. Definitely a pleasant surprise in the downtown Norfolk area, and a place I will absolutely be returning to!

Neptune’s Fury is open from Monday to Friday until 2:30pm each day. They are closed on weekends.

8. COVA Brewing Co.

Neighborhood: Ocean View
Address: 9529 Shore Drive
Website: https://covabrewco.com/

I love it when coffee shops double up as something else (mostly because I hate when coffee shops close early and usually stay open later if they double up).

COVA Brewing Co. is a family-owned business (owned by two families!) in the Ocean View area of Norfolk that has been open since July 2020. They are a craft coffee house and a craft brewery, and they do both exceptionally well!

They partner with Tidewater Coffee for branded beans and can make you a delicious espresso-based coffee drink like a cortado, Americano, Redeye, and more.

COVA Brewing Co.’s hours vary depending on the day of the week, but they are always open until 7pm or later, and they open fairly early as well!

It is a great place to hang out while you’re enjoying a day at Ocean View, one of the best beaches in Virginia!

More Coffee Houses in Norfolk, VA Worth Visiting

I am still making my way through the top Norfolk coffee shops, and I hope to get to visit these places on my next trip, as I hear nothing but wonderful things about each!

I will include them on the map below as well, so you can visit if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

  • Rich Port Coffee
  • Coalescence Coffee
  • Fair Grounds
  • Voyager Coffee
  • Coaster Coffee
  • Cold Pressed
  • Mea Culpa

Best Cafes in Norfolk (On a Map!)

🗺️  HOW TO USE THIS MAP: You can use your fingers/mouse to zoom in and out. To get more info about a place, simply touch/click the icons. Want to save this map for later use? Click the ‘⭐’ by the map title and it will add it to your Google Maps account (Saved > Maps or ‘Your Places’).

Did I miss any of the best coffee shops in Norfolk? Let me know your favorite Norfolk cafes in the comments. Thanks!

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