Best BBQ in Richmond: 13 Mouthwatering Places to Check Out

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Something I just can’t get enough of is BBQ. These are some places to find the best BBQ in Richmond, VA.

One great thing about Virginia BBQ is that we have the best of all worlds – you can find Texas BBQ, Carolina BBQ, and more.  We can also whip up some of the tastiest side dishes to accompany that BBQ.  

Best BBQ in Richmond VA
Best BBQ in Richmond VA

We have food trucks and stalls as well as large BBQ restaurants around the city and there is something for everyone these days, even portabello BBQ for plant-based customers.

We have selected a variety of Richmond BBQ restaurants spread out throughout the capital city

Please let us know if you have any tips for BBQ restaurants in Richmond, especially if we missed your favorite spot! Thanks!

Best BBQ in Richmond VA – Map

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Richmond BBQ Restaurants – The List


Smohk is a well-known Richmond BBQ restaurant that was the brainchild of friends Roby and Elizabeth who thought it would be a brilliant idea to let others in on their cooking skills – and a brilliant idea it was!

Elizabeth runs the show and Roby is the pitmaster and they were even awarded the 2019 Readers’ Choice Award for the Best Brunswick Stew in Virginia by USA Today.

In addition, they were voted one of the top 3 spots for BBQ in Richmond by Style Weekly in 2018. So, yea, this should be on every Richmond itinerary!


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They offer smoked meats (pulled pork, ribeye, chicken, brisket, and ribs) to customers and all of their meats are non-GMO and free of additives.

Their sides are all southern and delicious – from smoked mac and cheese to cole slaw to their famous Brunswick Stew and beyond.

You can purchase their sauce by the bottle or simply have it with your BBQ. They have Old Carolina, Smoky Apple BBQ, Gochujang, and more. They are closed on Wednesdays.

Address: 3112 W Leigh St, Richmond, VA

ZZQ Texas Craft Barbeque

Famous for their mouthwatering Texas BBQ in Richmond, ZZQ Texas Craft Barbeque was even declared the best Texas BBQ outside of TX by Texas Weekly.

Self-taught pitmaster Chris Fultz is a native Texan and he relocated to Virginia for a job and stuck around to learn all about smoking meat. In 2013, his ‘pitmistress Alex Graf’ and he founded ZZQ and the rest is history.


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They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and serve on the other days until they sell out. Definitely stop by and taste some of their renowned Texas BBQ!

Address: 3201 W Moore St, Richmond, VA

Inner City Blues home of Carolina Barbeque 

Located in Churchill, Inner City Blues was founded originally in Jackson Ward by Lamont and Alisha Hawkins, two creative entrepreneurs with a passion for food.

Building a loyal following, they eventually ran into some issues with the landlord and were forced to close the location – leading them into a new chapter in food.

At the same time, Carolina BBQ in Churchill was renowned for its delicious BBQ and had been serving customers since 1970. The owners were ready to retire when they offered the building to Lamont and Alisha, who reminded them of themselves.


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Today, you will be able to visit Inner City Blues home of Carolina BBQ and enjoy some of their delicious food for yourself! On the menu, you will find burgers, sandwiches, and the beloved chitterlings dinner. And, naturally, you will find plenty of different BBQ options.

Inner City Blues home of Carolina Barbeque is a black-owned Richmond business.

Address: 3015 Nine Mile Rd, Richmond, VA

Alamo BBQ

Alamo BBQ is another place to find tasty Texas BBQ in Richmond, Virginia. They are located in the heart of Church Hill neighborhood just a stone’s throw away from downtown.

Their menu not only contains Texas BBQ but also southwestern influenced menu items like grilled burritos and fish tacos. Be sure to try out their BBQ plater where you can choose between pulled pork, pulled chicken, smoked sausage links, BBQ portabello, or blackened tilapia.


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It, of course, comes with some of their juicy beef brisket and ribs. Please note that they are closed during the winter months and are a seasonal establishment.

Address: 2202 Jefferson Ave, Richmond, VA

Deep Run Roadhouse

Deep Run Roadhouse strives to go beyond just BBQ and they offer exceptional comfort food items in a family atmosphere.

They have catering and take out options and you will be delighted to try their fresh, homemade items like rope sausage, sliced brisket, fried catfish, jalapeno mac and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, Texas caviar, BBQ tacos, and more!


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They have two locations – one on Gayton Avenue in the West End and the other around VCU on N. Laurel.

Address: 12379 Gayton Rd, Richmond, VA and 309 North Laurel, Richmond, VA

Carter’s Pigpen Bar-B-Que

Located in Mechanicsville, Carter’s Pigpen Bar-B-Que is a local and family-owned establishment that opened its doors in 2008. The colorful restaurant has sky blue walls with a large pink pig painted on its roof and it is known for its Carolina and Virginia-style pulled pork BBQ.


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All BBQ and side dishes come from original family recipes and are absolutely delicious. Sides are made daily and you’ll see potato salad, cole slaw, cornbread muffins, and more on their menu.

Address: 8011 Cold Harbor Rd, Mechanicsville, VA

The Original Ronnie’s BBQ 

If you’re looking for one of the tastiest BBQ restaurants in Richmond, look no further than The Original Ronnie’s BBQ in Varina. Owned by pitmaster Ronnie Logan, the place has gained the most loyal of a following since its original opening in 2016.

This reputable restaurant has served Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, and many others over the years and while the BBQ is ‘southern’, it is truly in a league of its own.


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On the menu, customers will find fish, brisket, chicken wings, pulled pork, and ribs. You can also find tasty collards and Ronnie’s baked beans served only on Sundays. Click here to learn more about Ronnie Logan.

The Original Ronnie’s BBQ is a black-owned Richmond business.

Address: 2097 New Market Rd, Henrico, VA

The Salty Pig Smokehouse Co.

The Salty Pig Smokehouse Co. is also located in Mechanicsville and they have a tasty and filling menu for hungry patrons. You will find everything from pork rinds (served with hot honey or pimento cheese) to St. Louis Ribs and more.


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Be sure to dig into their Salty Pig Platter where you can choose between brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey, sausage, or a 1/4 rack of ribs (including sides).

Address: 9502 Chamberlayne Rd, Mechanicsville, VA

Oak & Apple BBQ

Oak & Apple BBQ is one of the best BBQ restaurants in Richmond, VA and they have a female pitmaster who goes by the name ‘Big Daddy Kat’.

They have an Ole Hickory Smoker that was first introduced in 1974 but still produces beautiful BBQ in Richmond even today! Their menu is diverse and suitable for all patrons regardless of tastes and age.


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You’ll find everything from a smoked platter to homemade sausage, VA Angus beef brisket, and more. Vegetarians will enjoy their Red Fresno jackfruit sandwich.

Four-legged customers are also welcome and there is a dog-friendly patio with cornhole so you can hang out with them while you enjoy some of the best BBQ in Richmond.

Address: 1814 E Main St, Richmond, VA

Jus Cukn LLC 

Claude Summers, or ‘Chef DC’ is the brilliant mind behind Jus Cukn LLC and his mission, after leaving the military and moving to Richmond, was to bring amazing food to the residents of Richmond.

He worked in several restaurants before falling in love with smoking and now owns one of the most popular food trucks that serves Richmonders some incredibly delicious BBQ.


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On the menu, you will find everything from BBQ, wing, and baby back ribs platters to sandwiches to sides like pineapple coleslaw and beyond.

Jus Cukn LLC is a black-owned Richmond business. You can follow the location of the food truck at Street Food Finder or via their Facebook page. They are one of the best BBQ food trucks in RVA!


Grandpa Eddie’s Alabama Ribs & BBQ

Another food truck with tasty Richmond BBQ is Grandpa Eddie’s Alabama Ribs & BBQ. The family owned and operated business has been around since 2005 and has been serving hungry customers incredible BBQ ever since.


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Carey Friedman learned smoking and BBQ at a young age and the passion was passed on to his wife and children. You can find them around Richmond and often at Hardywood Brewery. Follow them on Street Food Finders or their Facebook for additional information.

Redemption BBQ

Another place that Richmond BBQ lovers will want to visit is Redemption BBQ. One of the best things about the Virginia establishment is that it is ‘BBQ with a mission’.

They work with VA farmers to offer customers farm-to-table BBQ and Southern comfort food. Their meats are environmentally sustainable and humanely raised and all are prepared and cooked in natural wood-burning pits.


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The owner of the food truck is John Vest and he worked as a minister for two decades before turning to BBQ.

You can follow their schedule on their website and see where you can get your hands on some of their tasty meats!


Q Barbeque

If you’re looking for delicious BBQ in Midlo or Glen Allen, Q Barbeque is a good place to stop for some. They offer a variety of items on the menu which is a great option if you’re feeding multiple people.


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You will find everything from a burnt ends sandwich to a sliced brisket plate. There are wings, ribs, and a well-thought out kids’ menu. For sides, they offer hushpuppies, chili cheese fries, collard greens, and more.

Address: 13800 Fribble Way, Midlothian, VA and 1070 Virginia Center Pkwy. Glen Allen, VA

Did we miss any of your favorite places to find the best BBQ in Richmond? Let us know in the comments! Thanks!

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