25 Virginia LOVE Signs to Visit in 2024 (+ Locations!)

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Are you looking for some of the best Virginia LOVE signs in the Commonwealth? This guide is here to help!

Across the beautiful state of Virginia, there are hundreds of Virginia LOVEWorks signs scattered about! You can find them everywhere, from the Virginia Beach boardwalk all the way to the western reaches of the state!

Virginia LOVE sign in Damascus
Virginia LOVE sign in Damascus

This guide discusses a handful of them and why you should visit each of the VA LOVE signs detailed in this guide!

Let us know where your favorite Virginia LOVE Works signs are located! To see a comprehensive list of them all – click here!

Love Signs in Virginia - Lynchburg
Love Signs in Virginia – Lynchburg

Virginia LOVE Signs Locations

1. English Acre Farms (Rappahannock County)

During the later half of May through July, stop by English Acres Farms to pick lavender from their one-acre lavender field.

The LOVEwork sign sits on the ridge and is created from farm materials, including a large metal star, a wheelbarrow, and a vintage yard light.

missville - English Acres Farm - 1171 Nelson Lane
Amissville – English Acres Farm – 1171 Nelson Lane

Another LOVEwork sign in Amissville is at the Narmada Winery at 43 Narmada Lane.

Amissville - Narmada Winery - 43 Narmada Lane
Amissville – Narmada Winery – 43 Narmada Lane

Address: 1171 Nelson Lane Amissville, Virginia 20106

2. Hurkamp Park (Fredericksburg)

In Old Town Fredericksburg, you will find the historic Hurkamp Park with brick sidewalks, benches, and the year-round Fredericksburg Farmers Market.

The market is open on Saturdays and features homegrown vegetables, home-baked goods, and homemade items by local bakers and farmers.

There is also a stage in the park that features local groups on weekends and during the evening. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner, throw down the blanket and enjoy an evening in the park.

Fredericksburg - Hurkamp Park - 500 William Street
Fredericksburg – Hurkamp Park – 500 William Street

The LOVEwork sign here changes with the season, so you may see the snowy winter scene with snowmen and sleds or letters that showcase the culture, museums, waterways, and breweries. 

This is a great sign to visit throughout the year to see what the letters feature.

Address: Prince Edward St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

3. Smith Bowman Distillery (Fredericksburg)

A visit to the Smith Bowman Distillery means taking a free tour of the distillery and then heading to the tasting table to sample some award-winning spirits.

The Bowman brothers are known for their small-batch bourbon and have recently received the title of World’s Best Bourbon in 2017 at the World Whiskies Awards. 

Fredericksburg - Bowman_s Distillery - 1 Bowman Drive
Fredericksburg – Bowman_s Distillery – 1 Bowman Drive

Their LOVEwork sign features letters filled and lined with all things necessary to making and selling bourbon.

The three-dimensional L is full of corn kernels, while the O and V are made of copper and bourbon barrel slats.

The E features three shelves where their prize-winning bourbon sits.

Address: 1 Bowman Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

4. Manassas Regional Airport (Manassas)

Who doesn’t love watching airplanes take off and land?

You can do that at the Manassas Regional Airport, plus check out the LOVEwork sign. 

Airplane businesses donated airplane parts to create the sign in Manassas.

Visit the sign, learn about airplanes and airplane parts, and expand your LOVE for aviation.

Address: 10600 Harry J. Parrish Blvd., Manassas, VA 20110

5. Luray Caverns (Luray)

While visiting the Luray Caverns, the east coast’s largest caverns, and U.S. National Landmark, check out Virginia‘s Log Cabin Capital LOVEworks sign to the left of the gas station at the cavern’s entrance.

The LOVE letters are made from logs and represent all the log cabins around Luray and Page Counties.

At the Luray Caverns, take the one-hour underground walk to see the marvelous stalactites and stalagmites.

The complexity and size of some of them are just incredible.

Luray Caverns 970 US Highway 211 W Luray
Luray Caverns 970 US Highway 211 W Luray

The caves are at a constant 60-degree temperature, so dress appropriately for your 1-mile walk. A paved walkway and no stairs access the cave.

Also on the property and worth your time to visit are the Car and Carriage Caravan, the Toy Town Junction, and the Shenandoah Heritage Village.

They are all included in your ticket purchase. A second LOVEworks sign is at Turner’s Body Shop at 201 Tannery Road in Luray.

Luray - Turners Body Shop 201 Tannery Road Luray
Luray – Turners Body Shop 201 Tannery Road Luray

Address: 101 Cave Hill Rd, Luray, VA 22835

6. Virginia Museum of the Civil War (New Market)

On the hillside in front of the Virginia Museum of the Civil War in New Market, you will find an appropriately themed LOVE sign.

The “L” is created from two cannon barrels, while the O is a cannon wheel. Two Signal Corps flags are positioned to make the “V,” while rough-cut lumber similar to the wood used to build the Boshong Farm was used to create the “E”.\

New Market - VA Museum of the Civil War, 8895 George Collins Parkway, New Market
New Market – VA Museum of the Civil War, 8895 George Collins Parkway, New Market

After taking pictures at the LOVEworks sign, head to the museum, where you can learn more about the Battle of New Market through galleries of exhibits and watch the Emmy-winning film Field of Lost Shoes.

Then visit the historic Boshong Farm and learn more about Jacob Bushong and his family and how the farm became a memorial to the cadets of VMI during the Battle of New Market.

Address: 8895 George Collins Pkwy, New Market, VA 22844

7. Stable Craft Brewing (Waynesboro)

You can’t miss the tractor tire “O” topped with a humongous cowboy hat as you enter the Stable Craft Brewing property.

Six of Stable Craft Brewing’s kegs are stacked to make the “V,” while local wood was used to create the L and E.

Stable Craft Brewing is located in the Shenandoah Valley at Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables and has been named the area’s Brewery of the Year and has the best patio dining. 

Stable Craft Brewing 375 Madrid Road Waynesboro - Carol Young Dudding
Stable Craft Brewing 375 Madrid Road Waynesboro – Carol Young Dudding

The atmosphere here is family and pet-friendly and visiting is one of the best things to do in Waynesboro.

So stop in at the remodeled horse stalls and enjoy a hand-crafted beer or cider and a delicious home-cooked meal as you gaze out onto the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Address: 81 Livery Ln, Waynesboro, VA 22980

8. Buckingham Branch Railroad (Buckingham County)

In the tiny town of Dillwyn, visit the Buckingham Branch Railroad Depot and take a picture with the railroad-themed LOVEworks sign.

The sign comprises a railroad bridge beam, a steam locomotive wheel, railroad tracks, and a train crossing signal.

Dillwyn - Buckingham Branch Railroad - 1063 Main Street
Dillwyn – Buckingham Branch Railroad – 1063 Main Street

The Dillwyn Depot offers nostalgic train rides through the central Virginia countryside throughout the year. 

Hop on the train in the fall during the fall foliage or in December with Santa Claus.

Address: 1063 Main Street Dillwyn, VA 23936

9. Prince Michel Vineyard (Madison County)

The Prince Michel Vineyard’s LOVEwork sign was made to look like the tops of wine barrels with blue Riesling wine bottles displayed to create the LOVE letters.

This is a favorite sign because it is beautiful the whole way around. Be sure to walk around this sign.

On sunny days, the sun will even shine through the bottles.

In the middle of Virginia Wine Country, you will find both Rapidan River and Prince Michel wines. 

Leon - Prince Michel Vineyard - 154 Winery Lane
Leon – Prince Michel Vineyard – 154 Winery Lane

The wines have won numerous competitions worldwide and are one of the most distributed wines on the east coast.

Need a place to spend the night?

Stay at one of the four one-bedroom suites with a fireplace and views of the mountains and vineyards.

Address: 154 Winery Lane Leon, VA 22725

10. Craddock Terry Hotel (Lynchburg)

Have you ever felt like you were in Alice in Wonderland when she shrunk?

That is the feeling you get when you sit in the 8-foot-tall, high-heeled LOVEworks shoe at the Craddock Terry Hotel.  

In the early 1900s, the building that now houses the Craddock Terry Hotel was a shoe factory.

1312 Commerce STreet, Lynchburg - Tone Handy
1312 Commerce STreet, Lynchburg – Tone Handy

Today the brick warehouse boutique hotel in Lynchburg features 44 luxurious guest suites and rooms with views of the James River, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and downtown Lynchburg. 

The Shoemakers Restaurant, located inside the hotel, offers a delicious fresh seafood and steak menu.

Address: 1312 Commerce St, Lynchburg, VA 24504

11. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (Richmond)

Just behind the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden’s Robins Visitor Center in Richmond, you will find a garden-themed LOVEwork sign.

The L is a planter that features seasonal flowers throughout the year, and a honeycomb O is there to remind you of all the pollinators that make the garden their home. 

The tools that help keep the gardens looking so beautiful are represented in the V, while the E in the Earth is the staff at the garden’s pledge to serve all who respect the Earth. 

Since you must pay the garden admission fee to see this sign, you might as well get your money’s worth and explore the beautiful 50-acre gem of a garden.

Today you can stroll the pathways and marvel at all the beautiful flowering plants inside the 63-feet-tall domed conservatory and outside.

Be sure to visit often throughout the year for special garden events like the Butterflies LIVE program in the summer, during Halloween for Goblins and Gourds, and the GardenFest of Lights from Thanksgiving through early January.

The teahouse and café make the perfect place to get a refreshing drink or lunch when exploring the botanical gardens. The garden shop has a variety of plants to entice you into beginning or adding to your garden.

Henrico - Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens - 1800 Lakeside Avenue
Henrico – Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens – 1800 Lakeside Avenue

Children will also have fun exploring the gardens, especially those designed specifically for children.

In the Children’s Garden, they can play in the water-play area, climb into the treehouse, and view the gardens.

Outside, you will find the rose gardens where you can see and smell more than 70 varieties of roses, the Asian Valley dedicated solely to Asian plants, and the Cherry Tree Walk, which bursts into bloom each spring.

Take a break from the outdoors and venture into the conservatory to see seasonal displays, the orchid house, cacti, and butterflies.

Address: 1800 Lakeside Ave, Henrico, VA 23228

12. Waller Hamner House (Nelson County)

The Waller Hamner House in Schuyler, VA, may ring a bell for those who watched The Waltons each week during the 1970s.

The house was the childhood home of The Waltons creator, Earl Hamner, Jr.

Here on Tree Top Look, you can see the LOVEwork sign that features different paintings of Walton’s Mountain and scenes from The Waltons TV show, two ironing boards made into the V, and Tree Top Loop street signs made into the E.

Schuyler - The Walton Hamner Houe - 128 Tree Top Loop
Schuyler – The Walton Hamner Houe – 128 Tree Top Loop

The Waller Hamner House offers guided tours throughout the day, and you can even book it for a night of lodging.

Spend the night and say goodnight to John Boy and Mary Ellen.

Address: 128 Tree Top Loop Schuyler, VA 22969

13. Virginia Living Museum (Newport News)

The Virginia Living Museum’s LOVEwork sign is a fun place to get your picture taken. Each letter represents aspects of the museum.

The L features an otter, one of many creatures you can see in the exhibits, and the Earth O encourages you to visit one of their planetarium programs. 

Virginia Living Museum
Virginia Living Museum

The V is an excellent place to stand for a picture, getting eaten by T. Rex. The E features flowers and greenery around the museum.

Then spend the day exploring the indoor and outdoor exhibits in the Virginia Living Museum.

They have many excellent docent programs that include animal feedings and chances to touch an animal or two.  

Another LOVEwork sign is at Oyster Point Town Center at 701 Town Center Drive, Newport News. 

Newport News - Town Center
Town Center

This sign features seasonal decorations throughout the year.

Address: 524 J Clyde Morris Blvd, Newport News, VA 23601

14. Atlantic Avenue (Virginia Beach)

Head to the sandy shores of Virginia Beach and explore the Love signs scattered along and near the boardwalk.

As you walk along the boardwalk, be sure to sit in the huge LOVE Adirondack chairs at Oceans 14 at 1401 Atlantic Avenue. 

Virginia Beach - Oceans 14, 1401 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach – Oceans 14, 1401 Atlantic Avenue

They are some of many unofficial LOVE signs around the state.

Along Atlantic Avenue, you will find LOVEworks at:

  • 2406 Atlantic Avenue
  • Dough Boy’s Pizza at 1700 Atlantic Avenue
  • Dough Boy’s Pizza at 3224 Atlantic Avenue
  • A LOVE mural at 712 Atlantic Avenue – This one is a bit hard to view, but the best spot is from the upper levels of the parking garage across the street.
Virginia Beach - Dough Boys, 1700 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach – Dough Boys, 1700 Atlantic Avenue

LOVEworks signs nearby:

  • On the side of Buckner Plaza – 3208 Holland Road
  • Sk8 – 600 S. Lynnhaven Road – This one is inside.
  • Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center – 341 S. Birdneck Road
  • Virginia Beach Public Library – 700 Virginia Beach Blvd – The sign is at Cypress Avenue and 18th Street.
  • Stravitz Sculpture and Fine Art Galleries – 1217 Laskin Road
Virginia Beach - Bunkner Plaza 3208 Holland Road Virginia Beach
Holland Road
712 Atlantic Avenue
712 Atlantic Avenue

15. MacCallum More Museum and Gardens (Chase City)

At the century-old MacCallum More Museum and Gardens, you will find one of my favorite LOVEwork signs. 

It is created from iron and showcases an array of beautiful flowers found in the 6-acre garden estate. 

A bench is in front of the sign that is perfect for sitting and relaxing in the gardens or for that Instagram-worthy picture with the LOVE sign in the background.

Chase City, MacCallum More Museum and Gardens, 603 Hudgins Street
Chase City, MacCallum More Museum and Gardens, 603 Hudgins Street

Take time to stroll through the gardens while you are here.

After visiting the gardens, head to downtown Chase City at 160 N Main Street to see the town’s second LOVEworks sign.

Chase City, 160 N Main Street
Chase City, 160 N Main Street

Address: 603 Hudgins St Chase City, VA 23924

16. King George Citizen Center (King George)

As you are traveling along Virginia’s Northern Neck, the King George Citizen Center is the perfect place to stop to relax for a few minutes.

King George - King George Citizens Center 8076 Kings Highway
King George – King George Citizens Center 8076 Kings Highway

Sit on the swing with the LOVE sign over your head and relax while waving to those driving by.

Address: 8076 Kings Highway, King George, VA 23485

17. Colonial Beach

Spend the day soaking in the sun at Colonial Beach, a riverside resort town along the Potomac River. 

Find the cute golf cart with the LOVE sign on the back along the beach.

LOVE sign in Colonial Beach
LOVE sign in Colonial Beach

The LOVE letters feature an osprey, a fish, an oyster shell, flip-flops, and sand and waves, all things you will find along the beach.

When you get hungry, head to the Dockside Restaurant at 1787 Castlewood Drive, Colonial Beach, to get a picture with the LOVEwork sign there.

Colonial Beach - Dockside REstaurant, 1787 Castlewood Drive
Colonial Beach – Dockside REstaurant, 1787 Castlewood Drive

Get your photo from the pontoon boat as you sail past the palm trees and fish.

Address: 106 Hawthorn Street, Colonial Beach, VA 22443

18. NN Burger (Tappahannock)

When hunger strikes, head to the NN Burger in Tappahannock for a great gourmet burger and a craft beer.

According to the Virginia Living Magazine’s annual readers’ poll and the Virginia is for Lovers Culinary Challenge, they have the best burgers.

Tappahannock - NN Burger - 303 Queen Street
Tappahannock – NN Burger – 303 Queen Street

Outside on the side of the building, you will find Virginia’s largest LOVEworks sign.

Tappahannock has a second sign just down the street at the Tappahannock Town Park on Newbill Drive, right before the bridge going over the Rappahannock River.

Address: 303 Queen Street, Tappahannock

19. Chincoteague

When exploring the Eastern Shore of Virginia, head to Chincoteague and spend the day wandering around Chincoteague Island, climbing the steps to the top of the Assateague Lighthouse, and roaming the beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

After you are done, head into town and sit in one of the 10-foot-tall Adirondack chairs.

Address: 4083 Main Street, Chincoteague, VA 23336

20. Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground (Carroll County)

When exploring nature along the Blue Ridge Parkway, stop and camp at the Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground.

Here you can relax at one of the campsites, cozy cabins, or in the 8-room motel that are open between April 1st and November 1st.

On the 22-acre property, you will find peach and apple orchards, walking trails, and a beautiful rolling hills landscape.

Along Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground’s stockade fence, the Love sign depicts the Blue Ridge Parkway’s Mabry Mill, Music Center, and natural beauty.

Address: 202595 Blue Ridge Parkway, Fancy Gap, VA 24328

21. Big Walker Lookout (Wytheville)

What better place to have a LOVEwork sign celebrating Old Time Music, beautiful mountains, handmade crafts, and magnificent views than at the Big Walker Lookout at the BW Country Store in Wytheville?

Next to the sign that showcases the area’s highlights, you will find the BW Country store, where you can purchase homemade jellies, jams, and old-fashion fudge, listen to local musicians, and climb to the top of the 100-foot observation tower.

At 3,505 feet, you can see the Jefferson National Forest, a patchwork of farmlands, and a fantastic 360-degree panoramic view.

Address: 8711 Stoney Fork Road, Wytheville, VA 24382

22. Natural Bridge State Park (Rockbridge County)

Take time to visit more than the beautiful LOVEwork sign featuring the park’s two prominent attractions, Lacy Falls and the Natural Bridge Arch.

The short walk along the Cedar Creek Trail of under a mile will take you under the towering 215-foot naturally sculpted arch, past the Monacan Indian Living History Village, and the 30-foot cascading Lacy Falls.

Address: 6477 South Lee Highway, Natural Bridge, VA 24578

23. Wolf Creek Indian Museum (Bland County)

Native American heritage is represented through various symbols such as the peace pipe, dream catcher, feathers, and others at the Wolf Creek Indian Museum’s LOVEworks sign. 

Here at the Wolf Creek Indian Village and Museum, you can step back to the early 1500s and experience what it would be like to live in a Native American Village.

Take the guided tour to learn more about the Eastern Woodland tribes’ homes, families, what they hunted, how they created baskets and arrowheads, and the history of the site.

Address: 6394 N Scenic HWY Bastian, VA 24134

24. Black Dog Savage (Roanoke)

A visit to the 40,000 square-foot Roanoke marketplace featured on Salvage Dawgs is not only a great place to find antiques and other unique items, but a chance to take a photo with the LOVEwork sign that was fabricated in Black Dog Salvage.

The L of the Love sign includes a mix of musical instruments, including a 1960s trombone from the USS Independence band. Rainbow-colored industrial spools and a 50 MPH speed limit sign form the O.

The V is created from pine beams from the 1800s, while steel brewing pipes form the E.

There is even a graffiti bench in front of the sign to complete the photo-opt before you head inside and get ideas for your next DIY home remodeling project.

Address: 902 13th Street SW, Roanoke, VA 24016

25. Real McCoy Cabins (Tazewell County)

The cute Real McCoy Cabins LOVEworks sign is in the shape of a rustic log cabin atop some stairs.

When your ventures take you to the extreme western part of Virginia, spend the night at one of the Real McCoy luxury cabins. They offer two full hook-up slips if you need a campsite.  

The cabins are also a great starting point for all your ATV adventures on the Spearhead or Hatfield McCoy ATV Trails.

Need a bite to eat?

Then venture into the Real McCoy Kitchen, where you can enjoy one of their smothered signature baked potatoes, homemade soups, Salisbury steak, or baked spaghetti.

They even offer fried bologna sandwiches!

You won’t want to skip the banana pudding or blueberry cobbler for dessert.

Address: 156 Wood Smoke Way, Pocahontas, VA 

Virginia Beach - Dough Boys 3224 Atlantic Avenue, VB
Virginia Beach – Dough Boys 3224 Atlantic Avenue, VB

What are your favorite Virginia LOVE signs? Let us know the best LOVE signs in Virginia in the comments!

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